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Lent Study

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I think there is power and energy in us studying, meditating, praying on a single focused thing as a parish. This year we will watch Alexander John Shaia talk about the Four Gospel Journey of Transformation. Have you ever wondered why there are 4 gospels? The study is based upon his book Heart and mind: The Four-Gospel Journey for Radical Transformation, Second edition. You can buy it if you want but I’m mindful that it’s expensive and only works for those who connect with books. You can connect with the website too: https://www.quadratos.com/ “In ‘Heart and Mind, ‘ Dr. Shaia gives us back our central sacred text – the four gospels – not as conflicted and faulty historical records, but as a vibrant, luminous path of transformation. He reveals “The Four-Gospel Journey” as a living guide (for Christians and...

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