Growth Groups

(akn: Small Groups or Home Groups)

There are a number of small groups in operation at APOK. There is a small group that meets almost every day of the week. Some groups are Bible Study groups with a serious agenda of getting to know the Word of God better and allowing that knowledge to transform lives. There are other groups that are task-focused groups with a particular interest and meet together to further that interest in a context of Christian fellowship.

We believe that in a Small Group people can mutually care and support one another, enjoy social activities, pray and study together and really grow into the best person you can be!

If you really want to enjoy life and have it in abundance then these are the groups where you can start to learn how. What ever your need, you are sure to find a small group that suites you and will encourage you in your faith journey and your commission to go and make disciples.

For further information please contact the parish office.